Album – The Giant Against the Girl

The Giant Against The Girl
  • The Giant Against The Girl - Sketches Of Mine
  • The Giant Against The Girl - Imeka (Part One)
  • The Giant Against The Girl - Imeka (Part Two)
  • The Giant Against The Girl - The Patience
  • The Giant Against The Girl - The New People
  • The Giant Against The Girl - The Giant Against The Girl
  • The Giant Against The Girl - Mindfulness
  • The Giant Against The Girl - Babskim Uchem (bonus track)


Loud Jazz Band

    Loud Jazz Band is playing modern jazz music that mixes Scandinavian soundscapes, melodic compositions and finally rock music.

     Loud Jazz Band emerged in Poland in 1989. It was set up by Mirosław „Carlos” Kaczmarczyk, who has also been the leading composer of the band. In 1994, the musician left Poland for Norway, where he started again, this time with other musicians. Since then, the band has been composed of five Poles, three Norwegians and a Bulgarian. So far their biggest success has been the album „4 Ever 2 U” (1994), nominated to the Fryderyk awards in “jazz” category and released by the legendary Mercury Records. Loud Jazz Band is the only Polish music band whose album has been released by this prestigious British record label (Def Lepard, Elton John, Mark Knopfler).
What Loud Jazz Band plays is contemporary jazz. The music composed by Kaczmarczyk is a combination of various music styles which share acoustic sound. What distinguishes tracks composed by „Carlos” is expressive melodies set in a diversified musical background. The source of inspiration for the Polish guitarist is Polish and Norwegian culture as well as the nature and people from both countries. While listening to Loud Jazz Band, you can hear not only classical jazz, but also some free jazz and improvised music. All that, combined with rock dynamics and world music, makes for a unique, recognizable style.
They have played at various music festivals in Poland and abroad, i.a. Sala im. W. Lutosławskiego Polskie Radio, Warszawa (Poland 2017), Krokus Jazz Festival, Jelenia Góra (Poland 2016), Jazzmeile Türingen Festival, Weimar (Germany 2015), 23 Jazz Standards Festival Siedlce, (Poland 2015), Studio im. Agnieszki Osieckiej Polish Radio III (2014), TR Warsaw (2013), Oslo Konserthus (2012), Spirit of Burgas (2010), Jazz Jamboree (2010), Bohema Jazz Festival (2009), Jazz nad Odra (2008), Guitar City Festival (2002), Jazz na Starówce (2001).

The Band members are:

Øyvind Brække – trombone
Mirosław „Carlos” Kaczmarczyk – guitar
Wojtek Staroniewicz – saxophone
Paweł Kaczmarczyk – piano
Kristian Edvardsen – acoustic and electric bass
Ivan Makedonov – drums
Maciej Ostromecki – percussion
Paweł Pańta – bass guitar
Jacek Szwaj – el. piano & synthesizer

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