In press:


„…Kaczmarczyk composes music that is fresh, exciting, on the edge and with a great deal of variety.
This CD is full of nothing but his own wonderful original music”
„…For those who have been searching the United States in vain for moderen practitioners of truly great progressive jazz-rock, the answer lies overseas…”
Thomas R. Erdman – Jazz

The Way to Salina

„…The Music…oscillates somewhere among Scandinavian space, romatic Slavic soul, energy of pulsating emotions, and beautiful lyrical ballads”
Jerzy Szczerbakow – Gazeta Wyborcza

„buy this record. It is full of authentic pearls.”
„I have listened to this record many times and I still like doing it again and again.”
Erlend Fjosna – Jazznytt

Don’t Stop the Train

„…Its a band that while occupying the middle ground of jazz, have devised an original, free flowing style that doesn’t set out to impress with notes flying all over the place, but make their point through strong, melodic writing, dynamics and a good use of tension and release.”
Stuart Nicholson – Jazz Wise